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I've already scheduled time off for the service, and am working with my mom to make sure we've got a hotel room nearby.  
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Spring Bento Contest

I recently made a bento for my sister's birthday, and entered it into the JustBento/FrenchBento/Bentoandco Spring Bento Contest.  I am completely thrilled that out of 156 entries, mine was chosen as one of the top 15.  However, now that I'm in the finals, the winners are being chosen via user vote.  So, if you have a moment, please go vote.

My bento is 108 - CRF.  The contest is set up so that you can only vote for one bento (which is unfortunate -- I think there's be a much more representative spread if you could vote for your top three or four).  I'd be honored if you would vote for mine -- however, if you spot another bento that you really like, go ahead and vote for that one.  The more votes out there, the better.
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In Lieu of a Message

Just had the strangest conversation with an after hours nurse at my clinic:

(ring -- ring -- ring)

"Oh, hi. I was returning a call that I got from Elaine, my doctor's nurse. Is she there?"
"Oh, no, it's after hours."
"Okay, can you connect me to her voicemail?"
"No, it's after hours."
"Oh, I think you misunderstood me. I know it's after hours -- that's why I want to leave a message."
"You can't leave a message."
"I can't?"
"No, it's after hours."
"Well, that's funny. Normally voicemail is specifically intended to be used after hours. You know, when the person isn't in the office."


"So I can't leave a message at all...?"
"And when can I leave a message?"
"Oh, well, the clinic is open again on Monday. You can leave a message then."
"'re telling me to wait until the beginning of the business day, three days from now, and to call back specifically to leave a message?"
"Even though she'll be working then, and I could talk to her in person?"


"Okay, well, thanks. You've been very help- ... well ... not ... I'll call back on Monday."

Clutches of Dreams

Non-Drowsy Medications

My brain does some really, really weird stuff when it's whacked out on non-drowsy medications. Normally I don't get a chance to witness these things first hand, because I jump straight from "wide awake" to "passed out on the chair"... However, today I'm at work and have been trying very hard to stay awake.

To begin with, my typing is really wonky. I begin typing something, and find that my fingers are ending the word with other letters. For example, "word" becomes "work"; "coffee" becomes "caffeine"... and sometimes while I'm typing these words, I get strange flashes of images. I was just writing "lecture" and found my fingers supplying the word "letter" instead, while I suddenly was imagining a crystal blue cascade of water and the sensation of cold air.

Additionally, I start seeing weird words. I was having a somewhat disjointed conversation with someone over IM and found that I kept seeing the word "smile" somewhere in a jumble of words and letters I was visually scanning. A quick reread confirmed that "smile" wasn't used anywhere in the conversation, but I kept catching glimpses of that word.

The other thing I'm definitely missing is focus. After the "smile" incident, I went to write about this on my LJ. About thirty minutes later I found myself staring at an open "Post an Entry" tab with a blank field in it, trying to figure out why I'd even opened the tab up in the first place.

Ironically, in addition to being really, really, really drowsy, I'm also still suffering from an allergic reaction of some sort -- sneezing, sniffling, leaking, ad nauseum. You'd think that by taking a non-drowsy allergy pill you'd get at least one out of two...
Clutches of Dreams

The pickings may be slim, but...

My tiny little carnivorous plant, who is mysteriously thriving happily in this crazy-dry office environment, is sitting up by the window.  I was feeling stressed out, so I went to rotate it slightly and to admire it -- and I noticed that a small wee lil insect was making its way towards one of the pitchers.

I'm taking a lesson from my lil' baby plant -- the pickings may be slim, and there may not be any sustenance in sight... but if you hang in there, it won't be for nothing.
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My very own Fairy Penguin!

So a few weeks ago, I received an odd email from The Little Penguin Foundation, thanking me for adopting a little penguin.  I had no personal recollection of adopting a penguin -- although just cause I didn't remember it, doesn't mean I didn't do it.  It sure seemed like something I would have done...  I mean, I'm familiar with the organization and have spent some time perusing their site before and checking out pictures of their adorable little fairy penguins.  But I just didn't remember actually following through with my desire to adopt one... 

I spent a day wondering whether it was a gift from an anonymous friend -- and what a delightful thought!  Someone just up and out of the blue adopting a penguin for me.  But it wasn't my birthday and it wasn't quite Christmas, and while penguin giving should never be confined to only one part of the year, no one mentioned anything about it to me...

So I shrugged, smiled at the thought of a penguin in Australia getting some money, and promptly forgot about it.

Until today when I got another email clarifying -- apparently, months upon months ago, I entered a drawing with The Little Penguin wine company for a chance to win an "Adopt a Little Penguin" package.  Apparently I won my own little penguin (er, that is to say, the company donated $75 to the foundation in my name).  And soon I get a package in the mail w/ info on the adoption -- including pictures, I hope!! 

So hurray for little penguins.  :)